MUHAMMAD": Also spelled "Muhammed", "Mohammed".



    "Muhammad" means "highly praised". His full name is "Ab_ al-Q_sim Muhammad ibn 'abd All_h ibn 'abd al-Muttalib ibn H_shim".

    He is the Prophet or Messenger used by Allah to reveal the Koran... through him "Islam" was founded... and he was a genius, combining the political and religious power in Medina, making it a model for the Muslim societies, a "theocracy", where the political and religious leader is the same person, without any possible separation of religion and state.

    His sense of honor, duty, and fidelity won as he grew older the high and enviable titles of "The True", "The Upright", "The Trustworthy One"... and the name of "Muhammad" has been borne by more children than any other in the world.

    A Rough Life:

    He was born at Mecca, Arabia, in 570 A.D., after the death of his father. His mother died when he was 6, and the grandfather who cared for him died when he was 8; since then he went to live with his uncle Abu Talib. He had epilepsy.

    He died of poor health in Medina in 632, at the age of 62, only 10 years after the Hegira. Buried at the courtyard of the mosque in Medina.

    At the age of 25 he worked as a camel driver for a rich widow, Khadijah, whom he later married. After her death he lived in polygamy with 10 wives, though the Koran says to have only 1 to 4 wives (Sutra 4:3). He justified his own violation by a special personal "revelation". During the last 10 years he lived in Medina with his wives and daughter and heir, Fatima.

    Divine Revelations:

    In 610, at the age of 40, he had the first revelation at a cave of Mount Hira, in Mecca... it was Angel Gabriel, the same who appeared to Daniel and Virgin Marry, who commanded him to read what was written thereon, though Muhammad didn't know to read... it was the actual Sura 96 of the Koran: "Read! in the name of the Lord who created, who created man from clots of blood..."

    He continued to receive revelations of God through Gabriel for 23 years. He transmitted them by word of mouth, and they were written and completed in what is today the "Koran" in 650 A.D., during the second Caliph, 'Umar.

    Religious and Political Life:

    The "revelations" were received very badly in Mecca, because they rejected their gods, criticized usury, forbade alcohol, and promoted honest life...

    - The "Hegira" ("Hijra"): In 622 he went to "Medina" where 12 disciples were preparing his way; the trip is called the "Hegira" ("Hijra", Flight or Migration), and marks the beginning of Islam and the Muslim calendar.

    - In Medina, his "revelations" were well accepted, and he became the religious and political leader of all the tribes in Medina... a "theocratic government", where religion and state were united in the same person.

    Muhammad won several battles and lost one, he was a good general!...

    In 629 the Jews of Khaybar were put to the sword and Muhammad sent several letters and messengers to the Kings of Persia, Yemen, Ethiopia, and the Emperor Heraclius, inviting them to accept Islam.

    In 630 he entered triumphantly and in peace to "Mecca", the entire population converted to Islam, and the Kaaba in Mecca was established as the religious center of Islam.

    He went back to Medina, but in 632, the year of his death, in poor health, he went back to the Farewell Pilgrimage to Mecca... he died in Medina 3 months later.

    His remains are at the courtyard of the mosque of Medina, where he lived, buried under the floor of 'A'ishah's hut.

    - The "nigh Journey": Muhammad's reputed "night journey" from Mecca to "Jerusalem", and thence to the Seventh Heaven, took place traditionally in the year 620 A.D., 2 years before the Hegira... he traveled in his white horse, El-Burak, and ascended to heaven from the El-Agra stone in the Dome of the Rock at Jerusalem, and then back to Mecca.

    Muhammad was "no God":
    - Muhammad never claimed to be God, and he emphatically stated that he was not God.
    - The Muslims state that he was not God.
    - He never made any "Miracle"... the only one he claims, is the revelation of the "Koran".
    - He did not resurrect physically... he is buried at Medina.

"MUHAMMAD"... and "JESUS":

    - The "Muhammad" of the Koran is our main reference.

    - The "Jesus", of the Koran is completely different than the "Jesus" of the Gospel: In the Koran, Jesus never speaks... in the Gospel, he speaks, and proclaims himself God.

    1- Prophesied:

    - Muhammad was never prophesied.

    - Jesus was prophesied over 300 times for 2,000 years before his birth: The place of his birth, his virgin mother, his life, his death, his resurrection... only in Psalm 22, there are 13 prophecies about Jesus that were fulfilled to the letter at Calvary... and even Jesus himself prophesied 3 times that he will die on a cross, and will resurrect at the third day. For more information about the 300 prophecies on Jesus, read "The Messiah", in "Judaism", pag. 183.

    2- Miracles:

    - Muhammad never made any "miracle", he stated he never made one, only "The Koran" is his standing miracle... and all the Muslims agree.

    - Jesus made many miracles, described in the Gospel, and recognized in the Koran... and the Christians today make many miracles in the name of "Jesus": Heal the sick, stop storms, cast out Satan, resurrect the death... in the Catholic Church there are recorded over 400 death resurrected.

    3- Resurrection:

    - Muhammad did not resurrect physically after death... his remains are still at the courtyard of the mosque in Medinah, where he lived.

    - Jesus resurrected physically 3 days after his death on a Cross... his tomb is empty.

    4- God:

    - Muhammad stated he was not God... and all the Muslims agree.

    - Jesus proclaimed himself God with his own words... he made many miracles to show that he is God... and he is still making them!... he resurrected physically, because he is God, the Lord of life and death... all the Christians agree.

    5- With you!:

    - Muhammad never claimed to live inside a Muslim... and all Muslims agree.

    - Jesus claimed he will resurrect to live inside every Christian... free!... by grace!... you have only to believe that he is God, who died on a Cross to save you, and resurrected to live in your heart... and no matter if you are poor or rich, good or criminal... if you believe in Jesus, and do what he says, you can have right now Jesus in your heart... every Christian is a "temple of God", a "new creature"... and you can have it free... only "believe" right now... try Jesus!... he is the only one God, the only one Allah... and he is at your side right now, trying to fill you with his love, his joy, and his peace... on earth... and for eternity...

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